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The Author of this site does not want to use any real name, thus the Author will henceforth be called The Tulpa. Tulpa is a malnourished, neurotic, teenage sleaze that plays Silent Hill and DOOM religiously & slams back rip-its to stay up all night doing so. Tulpa’s also an incredibly well-read academic and an ardent but failed poet/playwright. Tulpa idolizes Kafka. Tulpa is a hyper-sexual grotesque beast whose years of torment have led to utter self hatred and despair. Tulpa has a habit of becoming crazed with the thought/idea of one individual, to the point where they almost totally take over Tulpa’s mind. Until the next individual comes along. Tulpa has an adored cat. Tulpa is a tortured starving painter. Tulpa only succeeds so well in school because academic knowledge is the only thing Tulpa can easily gain & certainly control. Tulpa’s room is generally barren with cans strewn about. Tulpa doesn’t eat for weeks on end. Tulpa is cursed to forever be un-notable. Tulpa would love to be a vampire but is sadly cursed to just be a crazed bat flitting and jittering about the night. The Tulpa's specific areas of study and obsessions are to be laid out in the following post. 𒈔

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